China Technical Association of Paper Industry
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      Publications of CTAPI incude:

        -Almanac of China Paper Industry, publishing every October first publication in 1986

        -China Pulp and Paper, monthly, first publication in January 1982

        -World Pulp and Paper, bimonthly, first publication in January 1982

        -China Paper Newsleter, monthly, first publication in October 1986

        -Paper and Paper Making, monthly, first publication in January 1982

        -Transactions of China Pulp and Paper, Quarterly, first publication in January 1986

      The Almanac of China Paper Industry is a authoritative handbook featuring the most comprehensive colection of information about China' s paper industry. The book presents a complete overview of the pulp and paper industry, with statistics covering marketing survey and analysis, consumption trends, imports and exports, and science and technology development The corporates directory within the Almanac provides China' s major paper mils and scientific institutions located in diferent parts of China.

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