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        Chen Xuezhong

      Under the supervision of China Association for Science and Technology and China Association of Lght Industry, China Technial Assocation of Paper Industry (CTAPI) is a national socety with members working in paper science & technology and related professions. The aim of CTAPI is to organize the scientists and engineers of the industry to implement the strategy of "Development of the country based on science and education" , promote technical progress, popular scence education of paper science and technology, international cooperation and exchange, transfer of R&D results to the industry, therefore to contribute to the moderization of the industry.

      CTAPI will give the reins to her advantages such as gathering a large number of talents and having good connections with the industry, follow the instructions of China Assocation for Science and Technology and China Assocation of Lght Industry, all members of the CTAPI council wil work closely with the scientists and engineers to boost academic discussion, technial progress and innovation in the industry. We will devote every effort to make the assocation to be a family for the scientists and engineers of the industry.

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